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Today, Matias Podboj races in the Prokart Challenge South and competes in the S1 Pro category among with the top drivers in the USA. After winning the 2012 S2 Semi-Pro championship, Matias has been promoted to the Pro category! Matias has also made the switch from a CRG chassi to a OTK FA chassi and his engine supplier is Darcy DeCoste (DDR). Achievements consist of Matias winning the 2009 so-cal sprinters championship for the KPV-2 class, title of Regional Champion for 2009 in the world formula class for IKF region 7, and later at the end of the 2009 year, Matias won the cal state championship finishing his year. Other achievements consist of a championship earning in the S5 and S2 categories within the ProKart South Series. 

Matias is currently ranked 22nd in the nation for the Stock Moto Category 
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