PKC : "The 2 Wild Karting-sponsored S2 Semi-Pro Stock Moto category witnessed its fourth different main event winner in as many events, this time with Matias Podboj taking the checkered flag. Podboj was quick off the trailer, leading the way in the qualifying session over Bryan Lemon and point leader Nicky Freytag. After battling for the win with Freytag, Podboj powered away to the win by six seconds. Freytag drove to the win in heat two over Michael Leib and Lemon, as Podboj retired on the opening lap with a seized piston. With his Honda CR125 repaired, Podboj got a great launch off the grid and put down a quick opening lap to lead the way to begin the feature. Freytag trailed, but was unable to stay in the draft as Podboj drove on to a four-second victory – with Leib completing the podium"